AxonDAO - A+Voice Research Project

Voice can speak
Precognitive monitoring

There are factors in your voice that can help you foreseen incoming health issues

What results we are looking to find

Detection and ongoing assessment of conditions such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Dementia, PTSD, evaluating fatigue and energy levels.


Years Experience
in voice and sentiment analysis

Early Detection

By employing AI-driven voice analysis, we are able to detect early signs of adverse health conditions.

React Faster

Predictive AI capabilities enable swift action, allowing individuals to address potential health issues well in advance.

Data Ownership

Users are empowered with complete ownership and control over their data, allowing them to decide who can access it for research purposes.

The Protocol behind the technology.

Record your voice

I takes maximum 5 minutes

Be persistent

Use the research project once per day

Let us do the research

So we can find the most effective predictive set of algorithms

Invite other people and acieve the reward

We want to pass at least 100 participants